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How is an old goods lift from the Melbourne Central building removed?

How Is An Old Goods Lift From The Melbourne Central Building Removed?

The answer is with plenty of planning and the right equipment.

Dynamic Rigging Hire provided one of the few specialists in this field with an array of rigging gear, pneumatic chain hoists and load cells to methodically rig the old goods car weighing close to 10 tonne so the counter weights, winch cables and sheaves could all be removed prior to an air powered chain hoist with 65 metres of chain fall could take over and lower the lift car to the ground for final demolition.

Whilst air hoists can be sourced from plenty of other rental companies only Dynamic Rigging Hire could provide all of the chain sets both single and twin legs, shackles, load cells to take the live readings of the load.

Having the load cell was a critical piece of gear for this job as the weight of the lift car was only initially an estimate and ended up well over the original calculations, to remedy this higher capacity rigging gear and a multi leg set up was put into action.

 Dynamic Rigging Hire can provide specialist rigging gear for a wide range of demolition applications.


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