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Load Testing Lifeboats on the Spirit of Tasmania

Dynamic Rigging Hire recently provided water load bags and load cells for the load testing of lifeboat davit arms and the fast rescue craft davit on Spirit of Tasmania II dry docked at Garden Island in Sydney.

Each of the two Spirit vessels are dry docked each alternate year for all the major mechanical and refurbishment works and as a part of the service works the lifeboat deployment equipment is inspected and tested to meet the stringent SOLAS regulations.

Dynamic Rigging were called on to provide four separate water load bags and tension load cells with some additional rigging items.

Dynamic Rigging Hire hold ex Melbourne a range of Seaflex water load bags ranging from 1 tonne to 35 tonne capacities and multi bag lifeboat test kit, couple our range of water load bags with the wireless tension cells, spreader beams and rigging gear we can provide a full complement of equipment to test cranes and hoists on merchant ships, cruise ships, offshore platforms and offshore supply vessels.

(Dynamic Rigging would like to thank John Cowper for the use of his his photo of the Spirit of Tasmania)

 Dynamic Rigging Hire can provide specialist rigging gear for a wide range of load testing applications.

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