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BBC Carolina Proof Load Test

Dynamic recently provided all the equipment and technical on-site support to conduct 110% proof load tests to the two main deck cranes on the BBC Carolina berthed at Hastings Victoria.

To conduct the 165 tonne load tests we used four 35 tonne and two 20 tonne Seaflex™ water load bags, a number of wireless load cells, various rigging gear and a large quantity of fire hoses. In addition to the main deck cranes a small crane at the stern was also load tested with a 10 tonne water load bag.

The works were conducted over two days with representatives from the crane service agent, class surveyors, ship owners and technicians from Dynamic Rigging Hire, 165,000 litres of sea water was sourced from the bay and delivered into the water load bags by the vessels fire system and of course discharged back into Westernport Bay on completion. By comparison to testing the cranes with 165t of steel weights all the equipment needed to test the cranes with water load bags packed into crates and bins all transported to Hastings with one 8 tonne tray truck saving considerable transport costs.

Dynamic Rigging Hire carry a large stock of Seaflex™ water load bags, NATA calibrated load cells, the best European rigging gear and Australian made fire hoses to carry out load tests from 1 to 200 tonne.

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