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JDN Air Hoists Really are Superior

JDN Air Hoists Really Are Superior

Dynamic Rigging Hire hold an extensive fleet of J D Neuhaus pneumatic chain hoists or what is more commonly known as “JDN air hoists”. JDN air hoists manufactured in Germany are the highest quality hoist on the market with a patented self-lubricating motor for oil free operation. Air hoists unlike electric hoists have 100% duty cycle, feature a failsafe brake in the event of air supply loss and are safe to use in dangerous and explosive environments.

Our range of JDN air hoists covers to 500kg to 12 tonne range with multiples in all sizes, we carry more than $60,000 in cut lengths of genuine JDN calibrated load chain so every hoist is chained up to suit the customer requirements and we conduct a load test prior to dispatch. The JDN product is well supported in Australia with stock of new hoists, chain, parts and accessories readily available. Our JDN hoists are inspected on return from hire with a thorough inspection to the motor, brake, load chain and all operating functions.

Air hoists have many advantages over electric chain hoists and for long falls or continuous applications much better than a manual chain block. Our air hoists are used in a multitude of environments from Bass Strait gas platforms, above and below ground mines, refineries, high rise construction and general engineering.

To hire an air hoist or chat about your project call Dynamic Rigging Hire on (03) 8360 8910 or contact us.

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