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Urgent load testing of deck crane

In August the general cargo ship Maria Carla required urgent repairs to one of the main deck cranes whilst in Melbourne.

Dynamic Rigging Hire was requested to provide our Seaflex Water Load Bags, calibrated load cell and rigging to conduct the load test of 88 tonnes. DRH provided all the equipment delivered to the berth with an MSIC accredited technician to work with the client for the final important load test as witnessed by the class surveyor.

Dynamic Rigging Hire have all the required load testing equipment and expertise to load test cranes on ships at any Victorian Port, we can also attend any port between Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide and furthermore Seaflex have agents in Brisbane, Perth and Karratha.

To hire gear or chat about your project call Dynamic Rigging Hire on (03) 8360 8910 or email us.

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