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Shackles often taken for granted

Green Pin Shackle
Green Pin Shackle

The most common, yet often overlooked, piece of rigging gear would definitely be the shackle.

The humble shackle is used for a variety of lifting and rigging applications. But at a time when cheaply made shackles have flooded the market, we continue to invest in the best quality. That’s because we want our equipment to perform at it’s very best, time and time again. This is something that can’t be said for cheaply made shackles.

We stock 100’s of shackles from 2t right through to 250t, in both standard safety pin bow type and sling saver shackles.

Sling saver shackles (also referred to as wide-body shackles) are forged with a larger bow radius that offers an increased surface area, this reduces wear to both synthetic and wire rope slings due to the increased D/d ratio. They also feature a smaller pin diameter than standard shackles along with a wider jaw opening. These shackles are becoming more popular for engineered lifts.

In addition to our Van Beest sling saver shackles in the 40t to 250t range, we now also stock Yoke wide body shackles which cover smaller sizes of in 7, 12.5, 18 and 30 tonnes.

See how Green Pin Shackles are made …

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