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Electric Chain Hoists



Dynamic Rigging Hire have a small selection of single phase and three phase electric chain hoists ranging from 1,000kg WLL to 5,000kg WLL in quality brands like Kito, Hitachi and Pacific Hoists.

  • Kito EQS – 1 tonne is brand new to the market. A single phase electric version with the latest operating systems. Light-weight & compact with electronic overload protection device, making this a very safe and reliable hoist, made in Japan.
  • Kito ER2 – 2 tonne also offers smooth and ergonomic operation, light & compact build, delivering reliable safety.
  • Hitachi Super 2 SFN is rated to 2 tonne with a fast hoisting speed and soft start, top hook suspended hoist with overload protection.
  • PEH500-2 is our Pacific Hoists 5 tonne electric chain hoist, this is a traditional top hook suspended hoist with a 3m height of lift or 6m height of lift, duel speed pendant control operating at 4/1 m/min, upper and lower limit switches and overload protection.

The Kito Hoists are perfect for use with our portable aluminium gantry cranes range. 

Make ModelWLL Height of liftChain falls Power Speed m/min
Kito EQS1,000kg6m or 15m One240v 10amp1.2/5.1
Kito ER-22,000kg10mOne415v 20amp0.7/4.3
Hitachi2SFN2,000kg 3mOne415v 20amp 2.1/8.5
PEH PEH-500-25,000kg 3m or 6m Two415v 20amp1.0/4.0

Note: The information on this page is indicative only. Please consult our team before undertaking any operations with this device.

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