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HIRE ENQUIRIES (03) 8360 8910

Inspected and tested, so it’s ready to go.

Dynamic Rigging Hire team ensure your equipment is ready to perform at it’s very best.

Dynamic Rigging Hire test and inspect equipment before and after hire. This ensures all equipment remains fit for purpose and continues to perform at it’s very best. Our testing protocol typically includes a visual inspection and load proof testing according to relevant standards for individual hire items.

If you require a certificate of inspection or test for your hire equipment please inform our team when making your booking. That way we can make sure all the documentation is in order when we deliver the equipment to your site.

To learn more about lifting and rigging equipment inspection and testing procedures call (03) 8360 8910.

Hiring heavy lifting and rigging equipment for your project has many benefits over outright purchasing:

No capital outlay.
 We take care of all inspection and certification
 No need to retain records or asset register
 No warehousing or storage problems
 No post project equipment dispersal issues
 Pay only for the time you have the equipment

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