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Work Boxes & Rescue Cages

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Dynamic provide a comprehensive range of work cages for hire and rental. Manufactured by leading Australian brand Maxirig, the work cages are available in variety of configurations open top and enclosed models with a roof. The work cages are ideal for confined space work with narrow entries or hard to reach work areas. Our cages are supplied with a chain sling assembly, test certificate and are maintained to manufacturer standards.

New to our range of crane work boxes is this offset crane work box that is the ideal solution where the application calls for gaining access directly underneath a structure often for maintenance or repairs. The design of the workbox has a counterweight at the lifting side of the cage and this allows two persons to stand at the far side with the workbox remaining level.

One person box/cage with roof125kg125kg600 X 600 X 2350mmDownload
Two person open box/cage250kg250kg1200 x 750 x 1155mmDownload
Two person box/cage with roof250kg300kg1200 x 750 x 2300mmDownload
Rescue stretcher open box/cage500kg400kg2450 x 1250 x 1155mmDownload
Two person forklift box/cage250kg295kg1200 x 1200 x 2235mm
Two person offset workbox300kg1,000kg3066 x 1012 x 2300Download
Three person open box/cage350kg300kg 2000 x 1000 x 1155mmDownload
Four person work box650kg375kg2450 x 125 x 1155mmDownload

Note: The information on this page is indicative only. Please consult our team before undertaking any operations with this device.

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