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Introducing our New 150t Tension Load Cell from Delphi

We continue to add new equipment to our rental fleet and we also have a replacement program for aging and well-used gear. A 150t tension load cell from Delphi has just arrived, this replaces our 120t load cell that we recently retired from service.

The new Delphi load cell is Australian-made and of absolute quality, being such a large load cell the people at Delphi have added an ingenious lifting method to reduce manual handling injuries, the load cell has push in lifting plugs that site inside the shackle holes and this allows rigging to be connected to lift the load cell from the transit case and are easily removed for set up with the 150t shackles.

All of our load cells are issued with current NATA calibration reports and we have a stringent off hire process that includes lifting of calibrated steel weights to reference the load cell display to ensure accuracy and if re-calibration is required.

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