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Fitzgeralds Construction Silo Lift

Fitzgerald Construction Silo Lift

Construction projects often have very specific lifting plans that call for unique rigging equipment.

Recently we supplied a client with two 25t Ingersoll Rand air hoists with 12m height of lift to assist in pitching 35t panels from horizontal off the transport trailer to 65 degrees for placement inside a cement silo under construction at Port Melbourne.

Metcalf Cranes conducted the lifting over ten days with a Demag TC2800-1 600t SH-LH+LF2 with 78m Main Boom and 12m of LF2 with 200t of Counterweight installing at a max radius of 51.5m.

The 25t Ingersoll Rand air hoists featured 12m length air pendant controls that allowed the riggers to work clear of the load once the panels were lifted off the trailers and to pitch the panels, the hoists had a sheave block out of the bottom hook with wires to the lifting points.

Dynamic Rigging Hire hold the only 25t air hoists in Melbourne for hire. The Ingersoll Rand hoists are fitted with RUD load chain with heights of lift offered in 5m or 12m fully load tested prior to each project.

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