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Flat Rack Construction Lift

New to the hire fleet is our 35t flat rack.

Designed primarily for use with our steel test weights whereby the steel weights are stacked upon the tray and this then forms one single mass of weight to conduct the load test of bridge cranes or gantries to 35t.

The other application where the flat rack excels is lifting cargo or materials that have no rated lifting points or just simply impossible to lift, by loading the materials on the tray and securing the load with the lashing points. This then provides a safe and secure lifting method. Read more about the Flat rack.

 In the images provided by our client, they had a tracked machine that had no rated lifting points. A traditional basket lift using chains under the machine was not permitted. The flat rack was ideal as the machine was able to be driven onto the flat rack, lashed the same way it would be on a truck and then lifted to the basement level by the site tower crane.

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