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New remote control hydraulic winch

In 2020 after 12 months of research, planning, build time, testing and commissioning we took delivery of one very unique winch. Designed and built by HES Winches Australia the winch is a full hydraulic winch with a 415v 15kw electric drive that runs the hydraulic pump.

The winch, hydraulics and electric system is all contained inside a fully guarded skid-mounted base that is fully bunded in the event of a hydraulic fluid release, the base has anchor points so it can be secured down or tethered to a dead weight or alternative anchor point.

What stands this winch aside from anything else on the market is the pendant remote control, whilst the rear of the winch has full controls with a fold-up safety screen the remote control allows the operator to work at the side of the winch and allows him or her to better observe the winch and load. The remote control has an emergency stop button, winch control lever that is fully speed variable, winch line distance display and line tension load measurement. Incorporated in the winch controls is an overload system with a light mast visible to all persons working near the winch, at neutral and up to 80% of load the light will display green, at 80% the light shows amber and at 100% the light shows red and the winch will not be able to increase any further loading due to a hydraulic dump valve.

The winch also features three separate emergency stop buttons, one on the remote controller, one at the rear main panel and one at the front of the winch. Being electrically powered this winch is quiet in operation and has no emissions so ideal for confined spaces or underground applications. Rated for lifting and pulling the top layer line pull is 4,500kg with 200m of wire rope, at the bottom layer the winch is rated to 7,000kg, we can supply the winch with rope fitted or as a bare drum winch. Last but not least at the front of the winch we have an Archimedes screw, this is a chain-driven shaft the runs in concert with the winch speed and lays the wire rope on in even layers L-R-L, rope guide rollers allow for a fleet angle.

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