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Local crane company calls on Dynamic

Photo: courtesy of International Cranes

International Cranes recently had two 50t pre-cast panels to install and called upon DRH for some additional rigging gear, being a sixteen point lift and the weight of this large panel called for a range of snatch blocks all with matching wire ropes and lifting clutches.

Once set up, the rigging arrangement was quite impressive, and consisted of two 50t snatch blocks with 8m wires, four 22t snatch blocks with 8m wires, eight 8t snatch blocks with 8m wires fitted with swivel hooks and finally the 16t 8.5t Reid cutches.

Dynamic Rigging Hire carries a large selection of rigging gear for all sorts of pre-cast construction lifts such as panels, facades, culverts, pits, bridge beams through to elevate road and rail piers and headstocks.

To hire gear or chat about your project call Dynamic Rigging Hire on (03) 8360 8910 or email us.

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