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Rigging Gear for a 25 Metre Bellarine Tunnel

25mt Crane Tunnel Lift

Quinlan Cranes recently constructed a 25m long tunnel across the Bellarine Tourist rail line. 

Made up of pre-cast segments for a new road overpass on the Drysdale Bypass, Quinlan Cranes sourced a variety of rigging gear, including 20t chain blocks, sheave blocks and pre-cast lifting clutches to complete the project.

Once completed in 2020 the Drysdale Bypass will reduce large volumes of traffic from the centre of Drysdale.

Dynamic Rigging Hire has available for hiring a wide range of rigging gear for pre-cast construction. We have Reid, Ancon and Olivetti clutches, snatch blocks, wire ropes, spreaders, shackles and chain blocks to accommodate from the most simplest of lifts through to complex multi-point lifts.

To hire gear or chat about your project call Dynamic Rigging Hire on (03) 8360 8910 or email us.

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