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Equalising Triangles



Available for hire is a range of equalising triangles from 10 tonne through to 85 tonne for many general lifting applications but predominately for multi point lifts and ideal with our range of spreader beams.

New to our range is a set of 50 tonne wide series triangles that has three lifting centres from 1.0m, 1.25m and 1.5m, aimed at the pre-cast lifting market but again can be used as a spreader beam where closer lifting points are required. All fitted with quality Van Beest® Green Pin™ safety pin bow shackles.

10 Tonne15kg (excluding shackles or associated rigging gear)12 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackle6.5 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackleDownload
30 Tonne60kg (excluding shackles or associated rigging gear)35 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackle17 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackleDownload
50 Tonne90kg (excluding shackles or associated rigging gear)55 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackle35 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackleDownload
85 Tonne130kg (excluding shackles or associated rigging gear)85 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackle55 tonne Grade ’S’ safety bow shackleDownload

Note: The information on this page is indicative only. Please consult our team before undertaking any operations with this device.

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