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Urgent ship repair in Sydney

Ship Repair Dynamic Rigging Hire

Dynamic Rigging Hire recently received a request from Halliday Engineering to provide rigging gear for an urgent repair to the rudder of a merchant ship in Sydney, the thrust bearing supporting the 132t rudder failed so to make the necessary repairs the rudder needed to be lifted in the deep confines of the ship.

Dynamic Rigging Hire together with Queensland Rigging Hire and Lifting Gear Hire & Sales mobilised a series of 30t and 50t chain blocks (yes, 50t chain blocks do exist!) with shackles, large master links and tension cells overnight into Sydney so the team from Halliday could get everything to the vessel in preparation for the repairs.

The images show the set up of the large chain blocks all suspended via a Straightpoint tension cell that ensured no overloading of the chain blocks, all shackles were our preferred Van Beest Green Pin brand and a two Gunnebo 125t masterlinks brought the rigging set up all into the 200t shackle that supported the rudder whilst the repairs were carried out.

Dynamic Rigging Hire along with our rental industry partners have high capacity rigging gear for all manner of unique applications ready for immediate dispatch nationally.

To hire gear or chat about your project call Dynamic Rigging Hire on (03) 8360 8910 or email us.

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